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We are Kila & Corrie, your favorite single moms! We do right by our kids while keeping the fridge stocked with wine and the special brownies always on deck. Join us and our League of Ladies on our daily quests through life...because let's be real, we are millennials, we don't know where the hell we are going. Soooooo...*breaks into song*...come along and ride on this fantastic voyage.

Kila Hayes | Co-Founder

  • Rules over the Land of Procrastination, they call me Queen.
  • Bilingual: English and sarcasm
  • Cereal aficionado
  • Funny three hours after it's relevent.
  • Minute rice takes too long to cook.

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Corrie Horan | Co-Founder

  • Master of conquering teenage and toddler tantrums simultaneously like a ninja doing the Carlton.
  • The reincarnation of John Brown the abolitionist with a splash of Freedom Riders to take the edge off.
  • Cafe Bustelo is crack ... Starbucks is a close second.
  • Tornado chasing in tornado alley is tops on the bucket list.
  • World peace is possible.

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Essence Jones | Editor & Contributor

  • Resident bibliophile
  • Makeup enthusiast but didn't start wearing it until yesterday.
  • Majoring in a thankless and underpaid career path.
  • With every bite of food I take the closer and closer I get to becoming Chef Cat Turner
  • Toni Morrison is my hero

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Austynn Hicks | Video Editor & Contributor

  • The nice one.
  • Just call me positive Patty.
  • Great active listener
  • Slightly above average singer but better than you
  • The best God Mommy to Oziah

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Ashley Hicks | Contributor

  • Introvert
  • My dream is to become Mrs. Dr. Spencer Reid.
  • Superman < Batman
  • Jesus is the light of my life, Lord and Savior
  • The even BETTER God Mommy to Oziah

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Cristal Bubblin | Social Justice Contributor

  • Actress and Comedian
  • Habitual Line Stepper
  • Once rode a tiger while scuba diving
  • Assata in the streets & Aphrodite in the sheets
  • Your boyfriend's favorite ex-girlfriend

The Kitty Bradshaw | Travel Contributor

  • Passionate traveler, brand ambassador and lifestyle influencer.
  • Currently splitting residences between New York, Los Angeles, and Hawaii.
  • When she is not busy traveling, stalking airfare glitches, giving commentary on CNN.com, or watching classic films -- you can find her on the beaches of Waikiki hanging out with friends.
  • Some of her more memorable trips can be found through the digital pages of Tourist Meets Traveler, Black Enterprise Magazine, and YRB Magazine to name a few.

Jasmine Weems | Beauty Contributor

  • Mommy by day, nurse, coach, cheerleader, chef, therapist, doctor, maid, driver, chaperone, waitress, teacher and all those other hats by day too.
  • Wonder Woman with a splash of Marilyn Monroe, Dorothy Dandridge, and Rick James bitch! ... (cocaine not included)
  • Dreams of long walks on the beach, watching the sunset, riding white stallions on the sand...except sleep is hard to come by so where that dream came from...*shrugs*
  • I live life as if I were a Unicorn -- rare and beautiful...wait, has anyone ever seen a unicorn?
  • I'll admit I don't have it all...my mama gave me just enough to make it through high school...Look mommy, I made it PAST high school, that makes me an overachiever, right?

Milano Johnson | Fashion Contributor

  • Madam Fussbudget at your service ... mommy fashion virtuoso.
  • Professional singer and dancer ... in the shower, in the car, at the bar, in the super market, at your granny's 90th birthday party.
  • Fabulist's are my bete noir.
  • Quipster at heart
  • Believer in all things love and happiness

Instagram: @lani204sehvyn

Pick'em Up Nelson | Video Contributor

  • Comedian
  • Started at Rent-A-Center ... now we heeeere #USPS
  • Sells used mattresses out of his trunk to fund his addiction to chicken and waffles.
  • Certified workaholic.

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Adrienne Taylor | Contributor

  • Third grade teacher
  • Heir apparent to the math queen throne.
  • Oziah’s #1 God Mommy ... despite what those other two say.

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Instagram: @Alenia82